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    Pais: Pedro; Catarina Gonçalves Padrinhos: Manuel André; Ana Ramos
    Dates 1598-04-13 - 1598-04-13
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00049
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.3
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    Pais: Pedro Dias; Catarina Gonçalves Padrinhos: Marcos Gonçalves; Maria de Azevedo
    Dates 1600-03-26 - 1600-03-26
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00050
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.6
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    Pais: Pedro Martins; Ana Manuel Padrinhos: António Gonçalves; Ana
    Dates 1607-05-17 - 1607-05-17
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00051
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.17
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    Pais: Tomé Diogo; Maria Dias Padrinhos: Belchior Fernandes; Francisca
    Dates 1624-05-28 - 1624-05-28
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00052
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.42v.
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    Pais: Tomé Pedro; Maria Dias Padrinhos: Manuel; Catarina
    Dates 1599-05-02 - 1599-05-02
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00053
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.4v
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    Pais: António Martins; Francisca Gonçalves Padrinhos:Martinho Gonçalves; Maria de Queirós
    Dates 1624-08-05 - 1624-08-05
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00054
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.42v.
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    Pais: Amador Gonçalves; Isabel João Padrinhos:André Pinto; Filipa
    Dates 1612-11-01 - 1612-11-01
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00055
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.25v.
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    Pais: Gaspar Francisco Padrinhos: Manuel Dias; Maria Manuel
    Dates 1614-04-22 - 1614-04-22
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00056
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.28v.
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    Pais: Bastião Lourenço Padrinhos: Belchior Pinto; Madalena Ferreira
    Dates 1609-04-22 - 1609-04-22
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00057
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.19v
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    Pais: Domingos Francisco; Maria Jorge Padrinhos: Estevão Jorge; Maria do Sancho
    Dates 1601-11-27 - 1601-11-27
    Complete reference PT/ADPRT/PRQ/PAMT01/001/0001/00058
    Physical location E/9/8/4-181.1-f.9